What is the role of HESE as a charity?

We are part of the bodies on the ground, providing pre-hospital care equipment to emergency services of the UK. Some of our main activities right now are to continue installing defibrillators in key public access points, to provide CAERvests to public events like marathons, and to raise awareness of the location for all existing public life saving equipment.

Around 100,000 die per year from a cardiac arrest, yet if there were more defibrillators near by thousands of those lives could be saved.

How reliant is HESE on public donations?

We receive absolutely no government funding. At this moment we are solely reliant on public donations, which is coming from being active in different communities, where we supply equipment and promote our huge global events.

What areas do HESE cover?

As we are a grassroots charity, we have been making huge strides over the whole of the North West of England, but we aim to deliver a nation wide service all related to pre-hospital care equipment. We are happy right now to engage with any region across the UK if there was such an enquiry about how we can provide equipment or talks.

How will my money be spent if I decide to make a donation?

All kind donations received go towards equipment to help keep the public safer. Most of the funds will count towards pre-hospital care equipment, as defibrillators can cost from £1,000 – £1,500, but there will be further sets of equipment that the trustees deem important for the progression and longevity of the charity.

What are the future objectives for HESE?

We are passionate about continuing to grow our defibrillator locator database, and supplying defibrillators to venues either permanently or by a rental agreement. We wish to keep on promoting Caervests and how they can save lives in hot weather conditions and to further educate the public on first aid practices.

We want to promote adventure and safe outdoor pursuits for people of all ages, whether it is keen cyclists or avid mountaineers.

We are also looking to expand to key areas abroad with high risk of heat stroke, such as Spain and the Philippines. Our charitable activities allow us to help all corners of the globe with our emergency equipment.