There are so many different ways to fundraise. When in the planning stage it’s important to consider the following:

  • Have a goal! Make sure you set yourself a fundraising target and raise people’s awareness about why this target is crucial to provide emergency equipment for public use
  • Get as much help as you need to deal with any incurring overheads such as a venue or the cost of a special guest/performer
  • If you’re doing a sponsored challenge, then it’s never been easier to spread the word. Start by asking for support from the people you know using a social media platform to get you up and running

But most of all enjoy the experience. What you are doing is amazing and for a life saving cause.


  • Event Hosting:

    The HESE team will always be here to heed any queries fundraisers might have, and we advise aspiring fundraisers to look into existing events such as car boots, flower shows, beer festivals; or to be more relevant, air shows, and enquire as to whether these events will accept collections for the emergency service equipment. Your ideas are also very welcome and greatly appreciated.

    If you would be interested in organising an event that raises awareness about the service we provide, please contact us, as a speaker of ours may be able to attend.

  • Sponsorship:

    Sponsorship has become hugely popular in this modern age of social and global networking. People are embarking on tremendous challenges all in the name of philanthropy. It is limitless what you can do and it usually is a very memorable life experience.

    Fundraisers are running marathons, cycling all over the world or simply just taking an ice bath challenge. Some of our bolder fundraisers might consider something very relevant to the emergency rescue service, such as skydiving or mountaineering, but we ask to please be extremely conscious of your health and welfare when planning such adventures, and take a look at some of the health and safety guidelines on the website. We can also help you with your adventurous fundraiser by using our international expedition contacts.

    There are many ways you can raise money but social networking is usually the most lucrative way of spreading the word about your mission. Be sure to give plenty of details about the event and why you are supporting us. Two notable donation sites you can use are Just Giving and Virgin Money.

  • Sell Unwanted Items:

    Many people have items they no longer need but wish to pass them on for others to make use of. Why not have a clear out and give any items to a good cause? HESE would like to recommend car boot sales or online auctioning to generate funds for a donation.

  • Children:

    A child helping to raise funds for good causes at an early age is a great way to boost their social skills and self esteem. They find most activities a lot of fun if it gets them praise at school from teachers and classmates!

    Why not ask friends and family if they can support your child to raise money for HESE? It can be as simple as a sponsored silence or as energetic as organising a special games tournament. Winner gets the class teddy bear for a year!

    Children raising funds for other kids in need of help is a beautiful thing. If you wished, we could even use your child’s funds to provide emergency equipment and education to needy children in the Philippines, using our aid partners over there.